The Ancient art of Kali (Arnis De Mano) is a fast and furious system of self-defense using weapons of single and double sticks, swords and daggers. This art combines graceful flowing movements with balance, timing and coordination to form a very effective fighting art. This easy to learn art gives you instant martial arts skills that can be applied using any object 6 or longer.  A tree limb in the street, a sturdy umbrella, a rolled up magazine, a car antenna, or a pair of boots could all be used as self-defense weapons in the hands of an Arnis De Mano player.

Some of the material covered in the Arnis De Mano classes taught at the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center is as follows:


      Warm-up Exercises

      The Cinco Teros (The Five Deadly Strikes)

      The Doce Pares (The 12 Strikes)

      The Trece Pares (The 13 Strikes)

      Largo Mano (Long Distance) Fighting Range and Techniques

      Corto (Short Distance) Fighting Range and Techniques

      Inside and Outside Defenses

      Solo Baston (Single Stick) and Doble Baston (Double Stick)

      Stick Disarming

      Filipino Floor Tactics (Classical footwork)

      Body Weaving Techniques

      Live Hand Training

      Mano y Mano (Empty Hand Training)

      Take Downs, Locks & Traps

      Espada y Daga Techniques (Sword and Dagger)

      Double Daggers (Balisong or Butterfly Knives)

      Theory and Applications of Filipino Knife Fighting Techniques

      Reflex Training Drills

      Filipino Knife Fighting Flow Drills

      Combining  Empty Hand Skills with Rapid Deployment

      The Latigo (Filipino Stingray Tail Whip)


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