The Swimming Dragon is an Ancient Chinese exercise form designed for weight reduction and normalization without the need for dieting.  The exercise, which is very soft, non-demanding and low impact, is like a meditation in motion.  The Swimming Dragon is generally practiced by repeating a short cycle of movements in a session lasting from five to twenty minutes.  It is easy to learn and perform and brings pleasant results as soon as one begins to practice it.  During the Swimming Dragon exercise, the body smoothly and evenly rises and lowers and at the same time swings to the left and right.  In Chinese mythology the images of Dragons are frequently used to represent the action of internal bodily energy.  In this exercise, therefore, the risings of the body are said to be like a “flying dragon ascending to the clouds,” and the descending movements are said to be like “a coiling dragon entering the sea.”  The movements are simple and beautiful, and the swinging movements stretch out the body. The Swimming Dragon exercise requires that the entire body, especially the waist and abdomen perform large scale swinging movements.  These movements open capillaries in the muscles that are normally closed.  This opening, in turn, increases blood flow, together with an increased hormonal activity, causes the fat of the waist, abdomen, shoulders, neck, back, buttocks and thighs to be transformed and reduced.  
If practiced regularly, the Swimming Dragon has the power to improve your health, enhance your physical appearance, and promote your general well-being.  Other benefits of practicing the form include:

     Increased Energy in the Body
     Creates Beautiful Skin and Helps Eliminate Wrinkles
     Reduces Tension by Relaxing the Body and Claming the Mind
     Improves Muscle Tone, and Enhances Flexibility in the Joints
     Adjusts and Stretches the Spine
     Improves Digestive Function
     Builds the Immune System
     Increases the capacity of the Respiratory System, and
     Oxygenates the Blood and Organs.

The Swimming Dragon Exercise Form, if practiced daily, is a natural way to slim down, lose weight, tone up, and then maintain your optimum weight.  Your body will adjust itself to the weight that is best for you and you will look and feel great!

The Swimming Dragon is taught privately by Sifu Miller in a 3 hour session that can be arranged for a morning, afternoon or evening session.  Sign up now or call and make an appointment to arrange for a session at the Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center.

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