You now have the opportunity to train one-on-one with Sifu Dr. Jan L. Miller.  Dr. Miller has compiled some of the most proven and effective self-defense techniques from his vast and extensive martial arts experience in this special intensive 6-week Kung Fu Self-Defense Program.


In just 6 exciting weeks you will learn the skills and techniques necessary to successfully protect yourself from an unprovoked attack.  Vicious attacks, violent rapes and senseless muggings can leave the victim physically crippled and psychologically devastated.  The emotional scars can last for years.  The aftermath of the assault can have a disruptive effect, permeating your life and work, and even extend to your entire familyís well-being. 


You donít have to be a victim.  You can prevent this from happening by learning to defend yourself with these effective, reality-based self-defense techniques.  Dr. Miller teaches you practical skills that you can easily learn and instantly apply. No previous martial arts training is required or needed.


Give yourself the Gift of Confidence while learning these time-tested self-defense skills and techniques that will secure your personal safety.




Defense against Kicks and Punches

Defense against Choke Holds

Defense against Grabs

Defense against Pushes

Defense against Headlocks and Bear Hugs and other Holds

Defense against a Knife, Gun or other Weapon

Defense against Attacks from Behind

Defend Yourself when youíve been Knocked Down

Rape Prevention

How to Survive the Stress & Shock of an Unexpected Attack

Personal Safety Tips . . . and Much More!


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