No Prior Martial Arts Experience Necessary

  Rape Prevention    Defend Against Attackers 

Learn the 5 Methods of Use for the Kubotan Key Chain

Learn & Practice Striking to Vital Points of the Body

Learn How to Hold & Restrain Assailant until Police Arrive

Learn to Defend Against Punches, Kicks, Grabs, & Choke Holds

Learn Police Come Along & Key Chain Flail Techniques

Vehicle Extractions as Defense against Car-Jackings

Safety Prevention Lecture

FREE Kubotan Key Chain Included


The Kubotan is a cylindrical key chain made from aircraft aluminum (very strong), which is used as a pain compliance tool, in order to create an avenue for escape from an assault.  It is legal to carry, easy to use, and very effective in the hands of a person trained in the defensive techniques taught in this Kubotan Self-Defense keychain course.  According to statistics, women are accosted 88% of the time when they are going to and from their automobiles or their homes (when their keys are readily available!).  The Kubotan Self-Defense keychain gives those that are trained in its techniques a form of empowerment against even more than one attacker who may be bigger or stronger.  It can act as a very effective deterrent when carried in your hand because it sends a clear message to would-be attackers that you are willing to protect yourself.  The skills learned in this course are instant and require only 5 minutes a day of practice to keep them sharp and ready to use.  It is an excellent workshop for college-bound students, or anyone concerned about their personal safety who does not want to carry a lethal weapon for protection.  Women, men, teens, and anyone who works in or frequents high crime areas, or is in a profession that could place them in harm's way will benefit greatly from this course.  Sign up for this course for yourself, and bring a loved one, or friend.  Give yourself confidence and peace of mind from the worry of being unexpectedly attacked, robbed, or raped.



Course Duration: 3-4 Hours

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2012    Dragon Tiger Kung Fu Center

at the Energy Interactive Fitness Center

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